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license board source url license number license status business city state license type business name sample date
Cosmetology 64705 No longer in business HANOVER, MA Aesthetic Shop BABY FACE SKIN CARE 2015-01-12T16:21:48.675915
Cosmetology 70119 No longer in business NORWELL, MA Aesthetic Shop BABY FACE SKIN CARE LLC 2015-01-12T16:21:48.676073
Cosmetology 65017 Current QUINCY, MA Aesthetic Shop BACK TO BASICS 2015-01-12T16:21:48.676315
Cosmetology 55419 Expired QUINCY, MA Aesthetic Shop BACK TO BASICS MESSAGE AND HEALING CENTE 2015-01-12T16:21:48.676393
Cosmetology 56696 Expired MENDON, MA Aesthetic Shop BALANCE SKIN CARE WAXING 2015-01-12T16:21:48.676472
Cosmetology 50539 No longer in business TEWKSBURY, MA Aesthetic Shop BALANCE SPA 2015-01-12T16:21:48.676551
Cosmetology 54311 No longer in business ESSEX, MA Aesthetic Shop BALI SPIRIT 2015-01-12T16:21:48.676864
Cosmetology 58271 Expired NANTUCKET, MA Aesthetic Shop BARBARA S SKINCARE 2015-01-12T16:21:48.677021
Cosmetology 64907 No longer in business BOSTON, MA Aesthetic Shop BLISS 2015-01-12T16:21:48.686724
Cosmetology 69959 Current BOSTON, MA Aesthetic Shop BLISS SPA AT W HOTEL 2015-01-12T16:21:48.686804
Cosmetology 68198 Current WELLESLEY, MA Aesthetic Shop BLOOMING BY VALDA 2015-01-12T16:21:48.686883
Cosmetology 55512 Expired PROVINCETOWN, MA Aesthetic Shop BLU DAY SPA 2015-01-12T16:21:48.687040
Cosmetology 67596 Lapsed DEDHAM, MA Aesthetic Shop BLUEMERCURY 2015-01-12T16:21:48.687373
Cosmetology 61278 No longer in business NATICK, MA Aesthetic Shop BLUEMERCURY INC 2015-01-12T16:21:48.687695
Cosmetology 67724 Lapsed HINGHAM, MA Aesthetic Shop BLUMERCURY 2015-01-12T16:21:48.687773
Cosmetology 59968 No longer in business BRADFORD, MA Aesthetic Shop BLUSH 2015-01-12T16:21:48.687852
Cosmetology 59640 No longer in business HANOVER, MA Aesthetic Shop BLUSH DAY SPA 2015-01-12T16:21:48.687930
Cosmetology 59029 Current GT BARRINGTON, MA Aesthetic Shop BODY SOUL 2015-01-12T16:21:48.688339
Cosmetology 47106 Expired GT BARRINGTON, MA Aesthetic Shop BODY & SOUL 2015-01-12T16:21:48.688432
Cosmetology 49979 Current MILTON, MA Aesthetic Shop BODY BENEFITS INC 2015-01-12T16:21:48.688843
Cosmetology 55553 No longer in business MEDFORD, MA Aesthetic Shop BODY RITUALS DAY SPA 2015-01-12T16:21:48.689158
Cosmetology 49927 Expired STOUGHTON, MA Aesthetic Shop BODY SENSE 2015-01-12T16:21:48.689237
Cosmetology 62232 No longer in business UXBRIDGE, MA Aesthetic Shop BODY UTOPIA 2015-01-12T16:21:48.689451
Cosmetology 70852 Lapsed MASHPEE, MA Aesthetic Shop BODYWORK 2015-01-12T16:21:48.689695
Cosmetology 57728 No longer in business NEWTON, MA Aesthetic Shop BONNIE S 2015-01-12T16:21:48.689775
Cosmetology 60117 Current WINCHENDON, MA Aesthetic Shop BONNIE S CLASS ACT 2015-01-12T16:21:48.689877
Cosmetology 66947 Lapsed CAMBRIDGE, MA Aesthetic Shop BOSSE CITY CLUB SPA 2015-01-12T16:21:48.689957
Cosmetology 58508 No longer in business BOSTON, MA Aesthetic Shop BOSTON SKIN CARE LLC 2015-01-12T16:21:48.690678
Cosmetology 61411 No longer in business IPSWICH, MA Aesthetic Shop AESTHETIC SALON 2015-01-12T16:21:48.663830
Cosmetology 56433 No longer in business ORLEANS, MA Aesthetic Shop AESTHETIC SENSE OF RENEWAL 2015-01-12T16:21:48.663909